Meet The Boss

Hello!  Welcome to the BOSS!

I’m Jacquelyn Thomas, mom, auntie, and STEM Teacher!

The BOSS is an acronym for beauty of STEM Series that includes really cool innovative STEM kits that provide girls with powerful new learning experiences in cosmetic chemistry.

The BOSS STEM kits includes two options. The BOSS STEM Kit and The BOSS STEM Subscription

While both options give girls the opportunity to make her own cosmetics, the BOSS STEM kit has two STEM activities; and the BOSS STEM subscription delivers an exciting kit to your door monthly!

On your birthday, celebrate with THE BOSS STEM BIRTHDAY PACK!  Including downloadable decorations, a monthly STEM project of your choice, and supplies to party with eight of your BFFs!

Although the BOSS STEM kits are tons of fun, they are also educational, including the BOSS STEM digital curriculum, animated videos, and easy to follow lesson plans that build a solid foundation in chemistry and Math. Girls will learn about chemical reactions, mixtures, creating formulations, lessons in coding, engineering design, and so much more!

What distinguish the BOSS STEM kits from other STEM educational toys? The BOSS STEM kits includes the 4 c’s of STEM education: Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration. Finally, because we understand that real empowerment means financial security, we added another “C” for Commerce! The BOSS subscription includes a full section on business development.

Oh yea, what about the chemicals in the kit you ask? The kits includes professional grade products that are safe for home  and classroom use under adult supervision.

Go ahead, take a look around the site….select your kit and put a girl in charge!

Why STEAM is Important To Me?

Other than the fact that I am a minority STEM girl?  STEM and STEAM skills are essential for success.  Problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and communication is the bedrock of STEM, STEAM, and economic empowerment. I happen to believe it’s the most powerful combination of success in the world today. Thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication and money is in every girls DNA, from head of house to champion in the community.

Girls should be gravitating toward science and math, graduating with STEM degrees, and earning dollar for dollar to their male counter parts. However the shortage of women in STEM careers, equal pay, and the lack of diversity dominates gender disparity research.  Given that STEM careers are regularly among the highest paid and the number of STEM jobs is predicted to grow by 17% over the next ten years, it’s a no brainer that STEM and STEAM is a viable solution to the gender disparities that continues to stagnate the growth of women. This is why I care…and so should you.

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