Get to Know The Beauty of STEM Series (BOSS) Curriculum

The Beauty of STEM Series (BOSS) is your one stop shop to bringing STEM and STEAM innovation to your classroom. Girls build science and math concepts by making their own cosmetic products!

The BEAUTY OF STEM Series  is a digital instructor-led curriculum with over 75 project based learning activities. Cool STEM and STEAM skill building animated videos that recaps science and mathematical concepts, in addition to building creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills. (The 4C’s of STEM).

The BEAUTY OF STEM Series is designed to engage, excite, and empower girls. Girls get excited about science and math, use technology to do research, create digital art, and CODE! Real world solutions for real world problems.

Finally, the Beauty of Business! Girls learn how to successfully start a business by creating a budget, marketing campaign and developing a business plan.

The BEAUTY OF STEM Series is divided into three Modules: STEM, STEAM and Business Development. Includes over 75 hands on projects! Downloadable Student Workbook and Instructors Manual.

After-school- Summer Camp- In-School Enrichment. You choose – the BOSS delivers!


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